Different Types Of Digital Marketing

Different Types of Digital Marketing

Are you a business owner and want to promote your business online? If yes, then you should look for a reliable company that offers best digital marketing Hong Kong services. You might be aware of the term ‘Digital Marketing’, but you should know which type of digital marketing would be beneficial for you.



You might find a best SEO company Hong Kong or social media agency Hong Kong easily, but you should know what kind of digital marketing services you want from a company. Do you want massive traffic to your website via search engines or you want to build client trust via social media platforms?


Do you want to run a PPC ad campaign? Are you looking for email marketing? These are some questions that a digital marketing expert can ask from you, so be prepared for it. You should decide what factors you want to focus on and how will you promote your business. A reliable digital marketing expert can suggest you the right digital marketing approach for your business.


There are various types of digital marketing including:


Search Engine Optimization: You can drive a massive traffic to your website via major search engines. It comes from free or organic listing.


1. Pay per Click: This is the process to bring visitors to your website from search engines, but this can be from paid or sponsored listings.


2. Public Relation: It helps increase


3. Social Media Marketing: This is the best way to build customer relationship and communicate with them.


4. Content Marketing: It helps boost your website performance and make the people aware about your brand.


5. Affiliate Marketing: It helps enhance sales and leads


6. Viral Marketing: It brings results in short time.


7. Influencer Marketing: It works on targeted market and audience.


Online marketing covers all the types of digital marketing.



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